Je bekijkt nu Never With A Bear Face

Never With A Bear Face

Never With A Bear Face

An overview of Actions

Timothy Segers’ work is about the suggestion of freedom. Having enjoyed an academic education in film, cultural studies, product development, sculpture and trained as a blacksmith, Timothy Segers’work is characterised by the integration of sculptures into their surroundings and their adaptability to constantly changing situations. His skilfully produced art pieces find endless possibilities for they can be limitlessly moved and/or re-attached. In this manner, the artist encourages a new form of dialogue between the spectator and the work of art in an ever evolving context. This implies a radical breakaway from the framed pictures and the closed and static suggestions that rule the art scene. The spectator becomes the creator being granted the liberty to determine the stance of the work of art receiving an active dramaturgic role to shape his own environment.


Archive Timothy Segers, 2017

The Gap

Share on facebook Share on facebook Abstracte kunst uit België. Een Selectie. Met bijzondere aandacht voor de notie van abstractie binnen de twintigste-eeuwse en hedendaagse

Vague d’onde

Share on facebook Share on facebook Integratie Nieuw Berchem This collaboration is part of a bigger project were we work together with the Antonissen Development

A move through skill

Share on facebook Share on facebook Exhibition August 2021 Coloured grip sticks Through this presentation, at different times, the results of objects that apply the

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