Timothy Segers

At the basis of Segers’ artworks lies an attitude that speculates on steering the actions or perceptions of those who experience them. He isn’t interested in fixing any outcome, and instead is in the business of aiming to unhinge or alter perception. For example, the black UTOP wall-based figures, those powder coated, steel cut-outs made after warped, vectored sketches, tamper with perspective, and therefore also with the viewer’s experience. Segers is fascinated by the tendency of human beings – whether they are building something, or formulating a concept – to invest everything with a symbolical charge. He considers it the artist’s remit to build up or break down that symbolic order. Or even to do both. Segers refers to the works hé makes as ‘relics’ of a process that listens patiently to materials.

Never With A Bear Face

Share on facebook Share on facebook An overview of Actions Timothy Segers’ work is about the suggestion of freedom. Having enjoyed an academic education in

The Gap

Share on facebook Share on facebook Abstracte kunst uit België. Een Selectie. Met bijzondere aandacht voor de notie van abstractie binnen de twintigste-eeuwse en hedendaagse

Vague d’onde

Share on facebook Share on facebook Integratie Nieuw Berchem This collaboration is part of a bigger project were we work together with the Antonissen Development

A move through skill

Share on facebook Share on facebook Exhibition August 2021 Coloured grip sticks Through this presentation, at different times, the results of objects that apply the

The grip: A move through skill

Share on facebook Share on facebook The grip A move through skill Voor De Maakfabriek, een deelatelier waar makers van allerlei slag machines en atelierruimte

Website launch

Share on facebook Share on facebook What is new ? Online Archive follows the evolution in the euvre through series and key exhibitions Galleries and

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